Reserve on Your Time with Our App

Reserve on Your Time with Our App

At Platinum Transportation Group, making our services as convenient as possible for our clients is one of our main goals. That’s why we had an app custom designed for our business that puts clients in control of their transportation needs.

With an account, travelers can make reservations, track their driver, and get the most out of their Platinum Experience. Take a look at our app’s exciting features.

Book for Now

Need to make a reservation quickly? Hop on the app and see if your favorite driver is available for your trip.

Book for Later

When you know your schedule in advance, we recommend scheduling your reservation as soon as possible. This ensures you get the time, driver, and vehicle you need.

On-Going Reservation

Do you make the same trip on a routine basis? Schedule your reservation for several weeks at a time for your convenience and peace of mind.

Past Reservation

We keep track of all our past reservations. If you need to check the details of a previous trip or schedule a similar trip, review your past reservations for faster service.

Upcoming Reservation

The details of your trip can change without warning. If you need to adjust or double check the details of an upcoming reservation, you can do so in a matter of seconds with our app.


Save your credit card information for faster payment at your convenience with this feature. Your information is secure and always protected.

My Profile

Under your personal profile, you’ll be able to update pick-up addresses and even make note of your preferred driver.

Our app is designed to make your Platinum Experience better than ever. Save time and avoid frustration with just a few clicks. You can download our app in the App Store or Google Play.