What Is the Platinum Experience?

What Is the Platinum Experience?

Platinum is a precious metal 35 times rarer than gold. Our competition may call themselves the gold standard in private transportation services, but at Platinum Transportation Group, we know there’s no cap on improving a client’s experience.

Even if you’ve been utilizing private car service for years, chances are you’ve never encountered what we call the Platinum Experience. Here are just a few of the features that are standard with our services.

Drivers available 24/7/365

We know travel isn’t always easy. Sometimes, the best flight for your schedule doesn’t always fit within business hours or happens to fall on a holiday. We also know that flights are delayed, and your ticket doesn’t always guarantee you a seat on your chosen flight. No matter the day or time of your flight, or if your flight’s destination or arrival time is pushed back several hours, we’ll have a driver available.

Flight tracking and industry specific technology

Our advanced and custom-designed software enables us to track every flight we’re either picking up a passenger from or delivering them to. We often notify clients of delays or flight issues before their airline does.

On our custom app, you’re able to make reservations, track your driver, and save payment information for your convenience. Every trip is different, which is why we’ve invested in software that enables us to stay ahead of the hassles travel often brings.

No detail overlooked

While our competition makes you call and wait on hold once you arrive at the airport, we’ll greet you with a custom text as soon as your plane’s wheels touch the ground. We’ll let you know where you can find your baggage and where to head for pick-up.

Don’t worry about waiting out in the rain or cold. We’ll let you know how far out we are and once we’re arrived in the pick-up lane. We’ll also make sure you’re ready for Chicago’s weather by providing you with a custom weather report before you head outside.

Personal service

We enjoy building relationships with clients and don’t believe this comes to an end once we pull away from your destination. We want you to feel comfortable with your driver, whether you drive with them once or a dozen times.

This is why we’ll always do our best to accommodate your driver requests. As a family-owned business, turnover is rare so you’re more likely to have the same driver for multiple trips. Feel free to get to know us!

Extensive service area

While we’re known as the leading O’Hare airport transportation service in the Chicagoland area, we drive through more than just the city and immediate suburbs. You’ll never have to ask us if we go as far as your destination. The answer is always yes.

Because we’ve experienced transportation letdowns firsthand with our competition, we know for a fact no one else does what Platinum Transportation Group does. Let us show you how transportation should be.